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Daily Maintenance Kit Membership Program:

ChildLife has a new Retail Direct Membership Program! Sign up in the next 30 days & take advantage of our great savings plan & Free Shipping & handling special offer!

Dear Valued Customer:

Good day, this is Dr. Murray Clarke, founder and formulator of the ChildLife-Nutrition for Kids! product line. I wanted to let you know about our new Daily Maintenance auto ship membership program that entitles you to earn money saving 20% monthly discounts and FREE Shipping & Handling.

You receive a 20% discount each month off regular retail price for the Daily Maintenance Kit and free shipping and handling when you join the montly auto ship membership program:

  • The Daily Maintenance Group (1 each Multi Vitamin & Mineral, Essential Fatty Acids, Colostrum with Probiotics, & Vitamin C). Your Price = $48.64 with FREE S & H...Every Month!

Become a member of ChildLife's Daily Maintenance auto ship program. It's simple. After you enroll, ChildLife places your re-order automatically every month! No strings! If you are not satisfied with our products or wish to discontinue the auto ship program, just contact one of our friendly customer service team members at mailroom@childlife.net to notify us.

Why should I choose become a Member?
IT SAVES YOU TIME! FREE SHIPPING - The cost of shipping can add up, sometimes it can be as much as $8.00 or $10.00 every time you order. That's over $100.00 in annual shipping costs that you can avoid by enrolling in our program. EARN DISCOUNTS – 20% discount on every monthly you order.

So Start Saving Today!

Enroll in the ChildLife auto ship membership program when you order the Daily Maintenance Kit.

  • ChildLife automatically places your monthly re-order. Re-orders ship between 1st - 7th of every month.
  • Credit cards are debited on the 15th of the same month your order ships.
  • Every year ChildLife renews your membership automatically, unless you advise us not to.
  • If at any time you wish to add an extra product to your monthly order, just call to notify ChildLife by the 30th of the month, so your request can be processed in time before your next order ships.

I look forward to enrolling you in the ChildLife Member Program so you can start to enjoy the benefits and savings now. Any questions on this program, please email us at: mailroom@childlife.net.

In good health,
Dr. Murray C. Clarke

Dr. Murray C. Clarke, D.Hom., L.Ac.

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