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About Us

The mission of Here There & Beyond is to create healing formulas using ancient and time-tested essential oils. We do this to ensure a healthy future for our family, friends and global community. We only use 100% therapeutic quality essential oils in our blends.

We are devoted to the optimal health and well being of all those we serve, including our own staff. We strive to maximize our efforts and outreach while minimizing cost to the customer and the environment.

Our Founder

Elizabeth Ann Bloom is an internationally acclaimed health and lifestyle coach. She has founded and managed holistic clinics in the U.S. and U.K., and consulted with health practitioners and spas worldwide during her 30 year career in the wellness field.

In 1969, she founded the DOREE SOUTH CLINIC, a skin care and complementary medicine center in Beverly Hills, CA. For 12 years, Bloom directed the company and formulated its exclusive line of herbal tonics, skin care products, and cosmetics for clients including celebrities and top executives.

In 1983, she founded THE WELL CENTRE, LTD. in London, and directed the company for 12 years. The only complementary medicine clinic to be listed in the prestigious Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons' Directory of Members, The Centre's clients included Royalty, foreign dignitaries, celebrities, and executives.

Bloom founded HERE, THERE & BEYOND, INC. in 2000. Today, the company's exclusive line of essential oil blends are sold throughout the U.S.

Holding Diplomas in both Homeopathic Medicine from The British Institute of Homeopathy, and Holistic Medicine from the Bournmouth Center for Complimentary Medicine, Bloom is a Founding Member of the British Dental Society for Clinical Nutrition, a Member of the International Council of Wise Women of Great Britain and the University Women's Club, and a Past Member of the British American Business Group, The National Health Network, and The Homeopathic Medical Association.

Featured with Deepak Chopra on the Women's First Health video series, she has also appeared on TV's Lifestyle Magazine. Co-founder and co-host of the Presidio Dialogues in San Francisco, CA, (www.the presidiodialogues.org), Bloom currently lectures on the health benefits of essential oil blends.

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