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Serene & Rapid Relief
At first I was skeptical when an employee brought Rapid Relief to my attention and asked if we could sell essential oils at the office. After an introduction to the way essential oils work at a cellular level in one's body, and after personally using this product and theSerene concentrate, I was convinced that my patients would benefit from using these oils. We started to sell them and have been steadily recommending Rapid Relief to almost all of our patients who have arthritis pain, sports related injuries and inflammations. I would highly recommend it to other chiropractors for use in their practices to help their patients with their healing process.

Dr. Joel Bienenfeld, Chiropractor
Los Angeles

Serene, Rapid Relief, ImmmuAir & ImmuShield
We use Serene to calm our patients prior to treatment and Rapid Relief to alleviate their tense muscles after a session of dental work. All the staff use Serenity and Rapid Relief plus we use ImmuAir & ImmuShield to keep our immune systems strong. We love the products!

Corryn Gifford Nave, Dental Assistant
James Saarman, DDS
Holistic Dental Office
San Anselmo, CA.

Rapid Relief
I have scoliosis and sitting at my computer for hours on end causes the muscle at the base of my neck to cramp resulting in a shooting pain between my shoulder blades. Normally when I allow it to get that aggravated it takes several days limiting my time at the computer for it to heal. This time when it occurred I rubbed Rapid Relief into it. Within less than an hour the shooting pain in the shoulder blade was gone and the next day there was no lingering discomfort. Thank you for developing this awesome formula.

Joy Peterson, Psychologist
Gig Harbor, WA.

I am a professional singer and am currently recording a vocally challenging CD. My husband had given me the "Immune Air" as a stocking stuffer for Christmas 01'. I was concerned about traveling planned for January 02'. In all I was on 4 flights during the typical "cold/flu season". On my return flight, I was seated next to a Biological Research Physician. He was quite taken with the product and asked for the contact numbers as he traveled frequently and complained of getting sick each month of the "season". I am very pleased that I have not suffered any respiratory, viral or bacterial infections this winter, and continue to utilize the product whenever I am in unventilated, crowded public areas. Knowing I have a barrier to protect my health from unsolicited airborne particles is very comforting. Thank you.

Julie Morgan McCoart

Rapid Relief
I've been having major dental work involving teeth extractions and root canals. My entire mouth has been swollen, painful and prohibiting me from eating. My wife brought Rapid Relief and Serene home in hopes of easing my discomfort. In my desperation, I was willing to try anything. She applied Rapid Relief on my entire jaw and within 15 minutes I could not believe, the throbbing and pain disappeared. I ate a meal for the first time in over a week. I applied Rapid Relief and Serene to different areas of my body before going to sleep. I had the first full night's sleep in weeks and woke up without discomfort. What a blessing! I am deeply grateful to Elizabeth for her intentions and love in the healing process that goes into every bottle.

Dr. Alan Creed, Chiropractor
Key Biscayne, Fl

While making the funeral arrangements for my 25-year-old son, the counselor, seeing my distress, offered me an experience of Serene. Thanks to its immediate calming effect, I was able to complete the arrangements. I was having a severe panic attack, chest palpitations and shortness of breath. I have been treated for panic attacks in the past with medication but with Serene it wasn't needed.

Melodie Baiz
Los Angeles, CA.

I have lost several dear family members and friends lately, which has created stress, anxiety and insomnia. I use Serene on my temples and heart and it relaxes me to such an extent that I drop off to happy dreams. Thank goodness for Serene, I am finding peace with my grieving.

Ruth Devine
Louisville, KY.

Thank you, for introducing me to Serene. It has helped me feel calm during this time of grief. Also it helps me sleep. There is a bottle in my car, one in my office and one at home. As a psychotherapist, I work with highly anxious clients. They have enjoyed the scent in my office and I recommend that they purchase this product on line. When their panic comes they need to use this oil to calm down. I'll keep you informed about the future effects of Serene.

Elaine Malouf
Los Angeles, CA.

I am prone to get tense during my average (very busy) day. After using Serene concentrate two to three times a day for the past month, I have noticed a distinct shift in my body and mind for the better. I am much more relaxed and mellow about everything. I am trying to convince everyone to use this amazing combination of essential oils. It will change your life!!

Ann Goldblatt
Los Angeles, CA.

The aroma of Serene transports me within a few moments to a more calm and serene place, regardless of the space that I was in a few minutes previously.

Carol Coltan
Marin, CA.

Every time I open my bottle of Serene I am overcome with a beautiful sense of warm, soothing, and deep inner peace. I close my eyes and am transported to a place of deep calm and serenity. This angelic feeling stays with me throughout the day when I dab some on my wrists. I don't know what's in the bottle, but it sure is magical!

Brent Hunter, Author & Conscious Businessman
San Francisco, CA.

I so loved your Serene oil, that I would like to order some. I left the event feeling much more calm and grounded than when I arrived...thank you for that!!!!

Elizabeth Carrington, PCC, CMC
Certified Behavior and Values Analyst

Rapid Relief
While traveling I injured my right shoulder creating severe pain and muscle spasms all the way through my back. I was introduced to Rapid Relief and within one application I had immediate relief from pain. I continued using the product for another week and all symptoms disappeared. I love it!!!

Nathalie Smith
San Francisco, CA.

Rapid Relief
Rapid Relief lives up to its name, just ask Baba.

Baba Olatunji, Internationally renowned African Drummer
Washington, D.C.

Rapid Relief
I have used Arnica and Traumead for years, but since trying Rapid Relief I find it to be even more effective and it smells good too.

Larry Kass, Businessman
Novato, CA.

Rapid Relief
Between sitting at a computer and standing all day getting my computer fixed, my lower back was screaming at me. The irritation was painful. After taking a hot bath, I applied Rapid Relief and went to sleep. Upon waking the pain had decreased so that I can comfortably function until I see my chiropractor. The purity and quality that these oils carry are truly a gift. Thank you Elizabeth.

Gylian Creed, M.S.
Key Biscayne, Florida

Serene & Rapid Relief
Most of my life I've been pretty skeptical about alternative remedies but a few treatments with Serene and Rapid Relief have convinced me of their powerful healing effects. I am now a true believer and a major booster for any Here There & Beyond products.

John Renesch, Author/Futurist
San Francisco, CA

Serene & Rapid Relief
I have had marvelous results with Rapid Relief and Serene spray, both in my practice and with my patients.

Recently I had some very deep tissue work done that left me extremely bruised and sore. I used the Rapid Relief and within the first day, the pain was gone. Within three days the bruising was gone as well. I have since used it on numerous patients with varied complaints, and as of yet, have gotten splendid results.

I used the Serene spray on my 10 year old son who is a very restless sleeper. That night, he was quiet and serene, and actually asked for the Serene spray the next evening before bed....a true miracle. Thank you so much for your great work and expertise in putting these two extraordinary products together.

Kristin Rotblatt, L.Ac.
Los Angeles, CA.


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