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Inner Peace Music
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Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music
Inner Peace Music Sound Healing

Within Each of Us Lies An Oasis of Inner Peace -
This is the Music That Takes You There...

Inner Peace Music features the recordings of Steven Halpern, the preeminent composer/ recording artist of music that relaxes the body, opens the heart, and soothes the soul. For over 25 years, his music has touched the lives of millions, and is used in homes, yoga and massage centers, hospices and innovative business offices worldwide.

If this is your first visit, we recommend starting with Music for Sound Healing and Chakra Suite. Listen to the samples, and notice how effortlessly you enter "the relaxation zone". As your breathing slows down, you'll enjoy feelings of harmony, joy and inner peace.


Inner Peace: Music for Healing Body, Mind & Soul.

"Steven Halpern's music makes your yoga practice a meditation in motion"

Baron Baptiste
Founder, Baptiste Power Yoga Training Center
"Steven Halpern is a healer with sound. His music has helped millions experience transformative moments that lead to greater wholeness and happiness."

Larry Dossey, M.D., Author, Re-inventing Medicine

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Inner Peace Collection: 3 Classica CDs for the Price of 2! Save 33%    Inner Peace Music

The HealthWorld Sound Health Collection includes four classic CDs from Steven Halpern, the leading pioneer in music for relaxation and wellness: Inner Peace, Chakra Suite and Ocean Suite. ($31.96)
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Music for Inner Peace   -   View all products in this category

Chants to Awaken the Buddhist Heart    Inner Peace Music

Timeless Tibetan Buddhist prayers and chants to bless, illumine and awaken all beings are updated with meditative hip-hop rhythms and funkified bass. American Buddhist meditation teacher Lama Surya Das and Steven Halpern join spiritual and musical visions to create a unique version of healing music that brings us home to the inner peace, wholeness and spiritual well-being. ($15.98)
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Gifts of the Angels    Inner Peace Music

The most exquisite and inspirational angel-oriented recording we know of. This anthology features the sound of a celestial choir in consort with piano, harp, and other ethereal textures. Excellent for hospice work and meditation. ($15.98)
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Music for Massage   -   View all products in this category

Music for Massage: Treat yourself to an hour of the #1 rated soundtrack for massage    Inner Peace Music

The soft caress of the keyboards, flute and angelic choir is the perfect accompaniment to your massage therapist's hands. The synergy between touch and sound nurtures you at a deep level. As the music plays in the background, you'll find that it enhances rapport, receptivity and bliss. ($15.98)
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Sleep Soundly    Inner Peace Music

Now you can fall asleep quickly, easily and safely, without drugs...and awake more refreshed in the morning. This program adds theta and delta "sonic entrainment" tones to heighten the effect. Play one hour before going to bed, or all night long. ($15.98)
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Chakra Suite    Inner Peace Music

New! Chakra Suite is the new incarnation of Spectrum Suite, Steven's award-winning, classic recording which was recently named "the most influential New Age healing recording of all time." ($15.98)
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Crystal Bowl Healing    Inner Peace Music

This CD features Crystal Tones™ classic frosted, clear, Egyptian Blue, Aqua 24-K Gold and “tuning fork” bowls; orchestrated into a meditative tapestry. Includes invocation recorded inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. ($15.98)
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Music for Yoga   -   View all products in this category

Music for Yoga    Inner Peace Music

Many people are discovering yoga as a means of reducing stress, enhancing relaxation and experiencing inner peace and harmony. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or just starting out, Music for Yoga helps your yoga practice become a meditation in motion. ($15.98)
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Inner Peace Collection

Chakra Suite


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