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About Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern is an internationally acclaimed composer, recording artist, author and educator whose music is specifically composed to support relaxation, wellness and personal excellence. For over 25 years, he has promoted the healing powers of music through his innovative compositions and hundreds of articles and media appearances.

Halpern has released over 60 titles and sold over 4 million albums worldwide. His music is used throughout the world in homes, hospices, hospitals, and schools.

The prestigious music industry magazine, Keyboard, recently proclaimed Halpern "the first and definitive New Age keyboard artist who has changed the way we play and listen to music". Halpern's SPECTRUM SUITE, first released in 1975, has recently received an award from the leading trade publication New Age Voice as "the most influential New Age recording of all time."

His most recent releases, Music for Sound Healing and Music for Accelerated Learning, are career statements that will please existing fans and introduce his music to a broad new audience.

Steven and his music have been profiled and heard on CBS-TV's 48 Hours, ABC-TV's 20/20, Oprah, CNBC's America's Talking, and The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder. Steven Halpern, Ph.D., is the author of Sound Health (Harper & Row) and Fundamentally Sound.  Dr. Halpern is on the advisory board of  Prevention magazine and was a featured presenter at the Sixth International Conference on Stress in Montreux, Switzerland. He is a popular speaker at a number of distinguished holistic health conferences around the United States.

Steven's music has been recommended in many leading publications, including PreventionThe Definitive Guide to Alternative Health, USA Today and The New York Times, as well as best sellers such as The Learning Revolution and The Mozart Effect.

After experiencing firsthand the healing powers of music in his own life, Steven devoted himself to studying, researching and creating music that makes a positive contribution to the lives of people everywhere. As he says, "If we’re ever to have peace on our planet, we must first experience peace within ourselves.

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