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Phytopharmaceuticals Explained

What Are Phytopharmaceuticals?
Quite simply, they are pharmaceuticals using traditional compounds derived from botanicals instead of chemicals.

Why Are Phytopharmaceuticals Better?
Natural ingredients are more easily and more readily metabolized by the body. Therefore they produce fewer, if any, side effects and provide increased absorption in the bloodstream resulting in more thorough and effective treatments.

How Are They Developed At Nutraceutics?
Our research and development processes are deeply founded in traditional clinical pharmacology. At the same time, we are always looking to the future. We carefully formulate our products, blending pure natural botanical extracts to meet specific clinical standards.

Why Phytopharmaceuticals Instead of Chemical Compounds?
Pharmaceuticals made from chemical compounds are prone to adverse side effects. The human body will have a tendency to reject certain chemical compounds which do not occur naturally. These rejections occur in the form of side effects; some as mild as minor headaches, and others as severe as to be potentially lethal. It is important to note while phytopharmaceuticals produce fewer to no side effects, chemical interactions with other prescription drugs can occur.

What Should You Watch Out For?
While therapies such as herbal remedies and phytopharmaceuticals have been used for centuries, if not millennia, modern science has been reluctant to accept this discipline. Recently however giants such as Miles Laboratories and Upjohn Pharmaceuticals have begun to realize the tremendous clinical benefits of naturally occurring remedies as well as their popularity with the public. As this industry continues to grow, the public must be aware and research the different therapies they are considering. Not all companies will go through the time and expense of finding and using the best quality natural ingredients. Therefore it is best to look for well known brand names like Nutraceutics. As you would with any chemical remedy, always read the label carefully and look at the ingredients. If you have questions, call the company before consuming the product. If your questions are not answered to your satisfaction, consider another product or brand.

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