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The Drink Your Vitamin Advantage

The Drink Your Vitamin Advantage

Ola Loa is a breakthrough "Drink Your Vitamins" product that tastes good. Designed by renowned nutrition pioneer, Richard A. Kunin, M.D., Ola Loa has solved the taste problem of vitamins without resorting to artificial sweeteners. It also helps neutralize excess stomach acid, and therefore can be taken anytime. Just place Ola Loa Tropical Power Powder into an empty glass, add a few ounces of water or juice, and watch it stir itself.

Ola Loa Tropical Power Powder is the first multivitamin-mineral supplement to combine the recent advances in nutrition research into a convenient ‘drink your vitamins’ delivery system providing the health benefits of TMG (Trimethylglycine), Acetylcysteine, and Coenzyme Q10. No single pill can provide the full benefits of Ola Loa Tropical Power Powder, for each packet provides 1000 mg each of TMG, Glycine, and Vitamin C as mineral ascorbates. And Ola Loa also brings you 50 mg of Acetyl-Cysteine, and 25 mg of Coenzyme Q10. You get five valuable advantages in one packet of Ola Loa. No single pill can deliver more than 1000 mg total. No contest.

Ola Loa is a revolution in nutrient supplementation. Once you experience Ola Loa, you will rebel against taking supplement pills ever again. Cut open a multivitamin pill some time. Taste it. It is guaranteed to taste bad. Each packet of Ola Loa replaces over a dozen such pills and instead delivers abundant nutrients with a naturally pleasing taste and almost instant benefits. The secret is our strategic formulation of nutrients and natural pineapple base. This natural product achieves palatability with only one gram of the natural fruit sugar, fructose, and no artificial sweeteners. Other products need over 3 times as much sugar. Check it out.

Glycine is a pleasant tasting amino acid with remarkable health benefits. It supports wound healing, possibly because it is a precursor of collagen protein, but also because it promotes growth hormone, which is essential for healing. Glycine also enhances glucagon, a natural antidote against low blood sugar. This can be a practical advantage when you miss a meal or commit to a weight loss diet. Glycine combines with Arginine to form Creatine, thus increasing muscle energy an action that may explain the healthy drop in blood fats (triglycerides) often seen after Glycine. Uric acid excretion is increased by Glycine, which is an advantage for those who suffer gouty pain after feasting on meats, alcohol, and coffee. Glycine inactivates chemicals, including salicylates and phenols associated with food intolerance. In the brain it has a calming effect, useful as an antidote against anxiety and irritability, including muscle spasm. Put it all together and Glycine is a normalizer, combining muscle energy and endurance with relaxation and calm mood, the essence of the Ola Loa feeling.

TMG is Tri-Methyl Glycine, also called Betaine, is not widely known to the public but, as its name suggests, it is a source of methyl groups, molecular fragments made up of a carbon and three hydrogen atoms. This provides a back-up for the essential amino acid, Methionine, which transfer methyl groups in reactions that are key for cell membrane repair, nerve transmission, and muscle energy, and with major effects on attention, mood, and sleep. But in order to remain in an activated state, methionine must combine with adenosine to form adenosyl-methionine. This requirement limits methyl transfer reactions to the requirements of the cells, preventing chaos.. One common problem is deficiency of methyl groups to keep methionine in its activated state, SAM.

When Methionine transfers its methyl group, it becomes Homocysteine, a highly reactive substance that can interfere with body chemistry and cause damage to tissues, including the lining of blood vessels, thus increasing risk of blood clots. A mere doubling of blood Homocysteine over the population average has been found to cause a four-fold increase in risk of heart attack.

Nature has arranged to recycle Homocysteine back into Methionine by providing replacement methyl groups, a mechanism that requires two vitamins, B12 and Folic Acid; however these vitamins are often deficient. Luckily, TMG can do the job without requiring any vitamin co-factor. It is just a matter of getting enough TMG. Over 1000 mg (up to 6000 mg in some cases) will lower Homocysteine levels, even after treatment with Folic Acid and B12 are at impasse.

TMG is particularly important to protect the liver from large quantities of Methionine that arrive after eating high protein meals, especially meat, fish, fowl, eggs and cheese. Unlike B12 and Folic Acid, which are vulnerable to intestinal malabsorption, TMG is reliably absorbed. Thus TMG is a strategic nutrient, providing a back-up source of methyl groups to assure recycling of Methionine into SAM and preventing pile-up of Homocysteine, which causes inflammation and damage.

Thus TMG promotes SAM, which is important for such functions as:

    1. Production of Carnitine, without which fats cannot be used for energy.
    2. Production of Creatine, which is required for sustained muscle energy.
    3. Production of Polyamines for cell regeneration and tissue healing.
    4. Methylation of Histamine to down-regulate stomach acid.
    5. Synthesis and repair of Myelin Sheaths in the brain and nerves.
    6. Production of Neurotransmitters, Acetylcholine and Epinephrine, which control arousal, mood, emotions, and learning.
    7. Synthesis of the sleep hormone, Melatonin.

NAC, Acetyl Cysteine, replenishes the most important cellular antioxidant, Glutathione, which is protective throughout the various tissues of the body, especially the high stress areas, such as lung, liver, intestine and muscles.. NAC has proved invaluable in major lung conditions, such as asthma and bronchitis, where it has been a best-kept nutrition secret of hospital medicine for many years. It has also proved to be amazingly protective against liver injury from chemical solvents and excess alcohol. Glutathione is required mostly for protection against the free radical damage of everyday living, the little insults to our cell membranes that gradually add up to the wear and tear that can age us beyond our years. That is why it is important to maintain a regular intake of NAC in order to assure a reliable source of the Glutathione that we need every moment of our lives.

Coenzyme Q10 is also an antioxidant, but its greater function is in assuring the orderly passage of electrons that generate the energy of life inside every cell in the body, the life force itself! These electrons come from hydrogen atoms found in food fats and carbohydrates, and made available by reactions with vitamins, minerals and enzymes within our cells. The electrons are contained within the carbon hydrogen skeletons of fats and carbohydrates until they reach the power plants of the cell, the mitochondria. Here the negatively charged electrons pass through four enzyme complexes within the mitochondria, thereby generating an electronegative current, the life energy.

At the same time the hydrogen residue, having lost a negative charged electron, is now called a proton, signifying its positive charge. Protons exit the mitochondria by leaking into the cytoplasm of the cells where they serve as antioxidants by actively neutralizing free radicals and preventing damage (aging) to the delicate fats and proteins in the membranes of the mitochondria and organelles. Because the body’s ability to make Coenzyme Q10 is less than sufficient for optimal health, and because blood levels of Coenzyme Q10 decline with age, it makes good sense to find a reliable source.

Therefore we have included a significant amount of Coenzyme Q10 in Ola Loa, so as to support your cell energy and protect you against free radical damage. And we think that regular intake of extra Ola Loa is a sensible strategy against premature aging. And with the Ola Loa feeling you can feel younger too!

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is transformed by the effervescent interaction between mineral carbonates and citrates in Ola Loa once you add water. The ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C becomes non-acidic as it complexes with the minerals of Ola Loa. This assures speedy mineral absorption without mouth or stomach irritation. Vitamin C is rendered smooth and soothing as it performs its miracles as an antioxidant, an antiviral agent, an immune booster, a factor in synthesis of hormones, e.g. Estrogen, Testosterone, Cortisone, and Adrenalin, and all the while providing extra protection against blood vessel inflammation and damage. Research studies confirm that a 1000 mg dose of Vitamin C protects blood flow even after excessive dietary protein and homocysteine, which otherwise cause spasm and reduced blood flow. Blood circulation is a key to well-being and long life, but Vitamin C is also the key to production of collagen, the connective tissue protein that heals our wounds, including blood vessels, and stabilizes our tissue structure, keeping our form and visage recognizable for a lifetime.

Ola Loa is recommended for everyday good health; as a general anti-aging vitamin, for energy and vitality, and for antioxidant protection. Ola Loa is a comfort to those concerned about arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, digestive problems, and infection. It can make the difference between going ahead with activities or giving up in the face of fatigue, strain, or malaise. And if you are travelling or going out of doors in the summer sun, it can also provide protection against ultra-violet exposure, so take your Ola Loa with you wherever you go.

The more you learn about nutrition and self-health care, the more you will appreciate Ola Loa.

Ola Loa, LLC ©2000


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