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Formulated by a Doctor, Not a Marketing Executive

RICHARD A. KUNIN, M.D. is a nutrition physician and vitamin specialist with over 30 years experience. He pioneered the use of vitamins and minerals in today's medical practice and has written numerous books and articles on nutrition and medicine, gaining a world-wide reputation in this field. Dr. Kunin is the founder of the Society for Orthomolecular Health Medicine and has served on the International Board of Advanced Longevity Medicine.

In developing Ola Loa, Dr. Kunin has included many important health ingredients: Coenzyme Q10, N-acetyl cysteine and vitamin C for antioxidant and immune support; potassium for cell energy; TMG for liver protection; glycine for blood fat control detoxification of chemicals, and creatine production for extra muscle energy. While many other vitamins are filled with sugar and caffeine (which is why they claim to give you an energy boost), Ola Loa is complete with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and Hawaiian ingredients like bromelain and pineapple to give you natural long lasting energy.

Ola Loa is the most extensive vitamin available and it tastes great. After drinking it on a regular basis, you will feel the difference. And you'll appreciate how it makes you feel for the rest of your life. Which could be a very, very long time.

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