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About Pain Defense

Once there were two brothers -- doctors -- one with a gift for introducing new ideas to people, the other with a genius for developing new treatments and remedies using the latest scientific findings.

Together, the Drs. Jacobs shared a deep empathy for their patients and a vision of healing that extended to the whole body, inside and out, and beyond to the mind and spirit as well.

Guided by their desire to empower and educate people to heal themselves, and to make their treatments available to all who needed them, for nearly two decades the Drs. Jacobs have introduced and popularized the science of integrated medicine. They have founded two respected schools of higher learning, a non-profit society for medical research, and a company dedicated to developing and distributing their innovative natural medical and beauty products.

Under the Pain Defense and Phenomena brand names in Europe and the United States, PharmTech offers a full line of honest, high-quality, effective and natural products. With new discoveries in development all the time, PharmTech will continue to lead the way in groundbreaking natural treatments that consistently achieve the desired results.

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