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I fell down and sprained both of my ankles, one very badly. I tried several different pain relievers, but most did very little. When I finally tried your Pain Defense system, I couldn't believe how much better my ankles felt. I use them every day and they continue to help me recover. I am now off my crutches and on my way to full recovery. Thanks, Pain Defense Co.
--Phyllis K. Los Angeles

I am a dancer and always in pain. It seems that almost every day I find a new pain or a new strain. I've looked for years for a pain product that really worked for me and now I feel I've found one. Not only is it helping me with some of my very old pains, that I've had for years, but also with my new daily strains. I also really like the fact that it's not messy like all the others. I used to inevitably rub my eyes after using the other ones and my eyes would burn terribly, so I love the fact that it is a roll-on and my hands stay clean.
--Betty Jean L, Manhattan Beach

I have suffered with arthritis for many years and have tried everything under the sun for my chronic pains. It seems that they just keep getting worse and I've been so frustrated and afraid that I won't be able to control it. Thankfully, I've found Pain Defense. I can't tell you how profoundly it has helped my ever worsening condition. Not only does it work immediately, but some of the longer term pains are beginning to subside. I can't believe it. Every day I feel a little better. Thank you so much!
--S. K., Stockton

I've had a low back problem for over twenty years now that just continues to worsen. I take very powerful pain relievers daily and still my pain continues. I tried your Pain Defense and have really noticed a huge difference. I still use my prescription medicine, but it seems to work much, much better now, and particularly for immediate pain relief. I also think the roll-on is fantastic. My hands always got so messy with the other creams and always smelled. Now they stay clean and I'm in significantly less pain.
--Sheila J, Rochester

I am a regular golfer and after all the years of golf my body seems to be rebelling. I don't like taking analgesics like aspirin as they always upset my stomach. Most of the pain creams just don't work for me and don't even last for an entire golf match. I can't put more cream on during a golf game as it messes up my hands and it effects my grip, so I end up suffering for the rest of the match. I finally tried your Pain Defense and I now find that I have much less pain and even if I have to use it during a match, which I rarely do now, I just roll it on and am out of pain instantly without messing up my hands.
--John R., Los Angeles

I go to the fitness club just about every day and do weight training, running, etc. I really need to keep doing it, but I find that my body is sore after a work out and sometimes the pain continues to last, more and more. I just tried your Pain Defense system and I find it has give me remarkably fast pain relief and I am less sore throughout the rest of the day. I'm now trying the Joint and Muscle capsules and find that I am starting to feel much better overall. Additionally, I don't think that I am getting quite as sore as I used to after a workout.
--Kerry K, Long Beach

I play tennis whenever I can and I'm now beginning to have terrible pains in my fingers and wrist where I grip my racket. I also have a chronic pain in my shoulder that particularly hurts when I serve. I'm getting desperate, because I haven't found anything that I can handle taking that actually works. Pain Defense is the first treatment that I can honestly say has helped me tremendously.
--Steve B., Santa Monica

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