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Sweetleaf SteviaPlus FAQ

Q: What benefits are there to using SteviaPlus over other alternatives?
A: A higher quality product, zero calories, zero glycemic index and it is all-natural.

Q: What are the beneficial vitamins and minerals in SteviaPlus?
A: The benefits of SteviaPlus® stem more from its fiber effect and by reducing the amount of sugars and artificial sweeteners consumed, thereby aiding in weight loss. Frutafit® Inulin (FOS) is a soluble fiber that dissolves completely in liquids. FOS can help support a healthy immune system, help maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy cholesterol level.

Q: What is the Inulin Fiber (FOS) used in SteviaPlus Fiber?
A: Inulin is a natural extract from chicory or other vegetables. It is a probiotic enhancer. It feeds the friendly bacteria in the intestines and is a natural fiber. Our FOS comes from Belgian endive.

Q: How does SteviaPlus compare to sugar as far as calories, carbohydrates and glycemic index?
Sugar Stevia Plus Equivalence chart

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Stevia Facts
Stevia is widely used all over the world. In Japan stevia claims over 40% of the sweetener market.
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