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About Herbal Coffee

If you are unfamiliar with herbal coffee, read our official definition of herbal coffee under What is Herbal Coffee? Coffee drinkers may be surprised to learn that herbal coffee actually has nutritional benefits which help nourish and keep the body healthy. Coffee, on the other hand, only supplies the drug, caffeine, which stimulates your adrenal glands but does not provide energy - actually it could deplete the body's energy reserves. Read more about caffeine and its effects on the body under Why People Quit Coffee?

Teeccino herbal coffee is brewed just like coffee. You may have tasted an instant coffee substitute at one time or another. If you were disappointed, remember that instant coffee and instant tea don't taste nearly as good as the real brewed product either. Plus most instant coffee substitutes are made from grains while Teeccino is made from a variety of herbs. Check out our Brewing Tips for directions on how to brew the perfect cup of Teeccino with some clever ideas on how to make your cup of Teeccino taste just like cappuccino or latte without an espresso machine. Try some of our Recipes if you want more innovative ways to use Teeccino.

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