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Why People Quit Coffee...

Are you a coffee drinker who depends on that dearly familiar brew to help you get out of bed in the morning and face your life's tasks? Yet maybe you have nagging feelings that your body doesn't quite metabolize coffee the way it did when you were younger. Or perhaps you've been to your health practitioner who has advised you to quit caffeine. It could be that your family members or co- workers have suggested that you seem to get too tense and irritable when you drink coffee. The reasons for giving up coffee are diverse but there is a common theme.

Coffee, including decaf coffee, contains caffeine, a drug that produces a burst of biochemical reactions which create stress in the body.

  • The adrenal glands pump out a host of hormones that elevate stress for up to 18 hours after consumption.
  • The liver releases higher amounts of sugar and fat into the blood stream.
  • The pancreas produces insulin to remove the excess blood sugar and store it as fat which creates a blood sugar rollercoaster.
  • Muscle tension is increased.
  • The blood vessels constrict reducing the flow of oxygen to important areas like your brain (up to 30%) and your extremities.
  • Digestion and the immune system are impaired or suppressed.
  • The production of DHEA and other anti-aging hormones is decreased.

What are the results of increased stress from coffee consumption on a day in and day out basis? For a quick review, go to The Ten Top Health Problems Exacerbated by Caffeine. For a full comprehension of the problems caused by coffee drinking and caffeine consumption, we highly recommend the book Caffeine Blues by Stephen Cherniske (Warner Books 1998) Well written and easy to read, Caffeine Blues will help you understand the health consequences of caffeine addiction. Additionally, Cherniske, a nutritional biochemist gives you a complete nutritional program to help you recover your own natural energy. You can order Caffeine Blues from Our Catalog or look for it in your local book store.

If you're ready to reduce or eliminate caffeine from your diet, go to Quitting Caffeine Painlessly for tips on how to wean yourself off of caffeine. Then read Testimonials from doctors and people who have successfully given up coffee using Teeccino. You may also want to post your own story of quitting caffeine on our Bulletin Board or ask a question that you would like one of us to answer.

Protect the Gift of Good Health
As many coffee drinkers have discovered, you never know the myriad ways that coffee is affecting you until you quit. Your body is like a sophisticated laboratory that specializes in one thing: you. If you listen carefully, it will tell you exactly what it needs. But it is hard to hear its signals if it is stressed out by stimulants. You may be experiencing pains and discomforts you would never imagine were caused by caffeine until they miraculously disappear after you quit coffee. The body's reaction to the toxicity of coffee can vary so greatly that you have to discover how it is uniquely affecting you. Look for improvements in your digestion, sleep, mood, energy and skin among others. Don't be surprised if three months after quitting coffee you discover you feel better than you've felt in years and your energy supply stays steady all day long. Then, if you have a occasional late night when you need that extra boost to keep you going, use caffeine like any drug should be used - on occasion but never habitually.

"Imagine if in every heart and from every tongue, all anger, hate, envy and greed were eliminated and their places filled with sweet gentleness of true understanding, thoughtfulness and courtesy."

Alice Foote MacDougall, 1928.

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