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Teeccino Company Story

Behind every great product is an interesting story of the people and events that inspired its creation! Here is ours...

The First Herbal Coffee: A Dream Becomes Reality

Many creative people find inspiration through their dreams. For dreams to become reality however, a healthy amount of experience and energy must be part of the mix. With over 20 years in the herb tea industry, Caroline MacDougall, the founder of Teeccino, had formulated a wide variety of herb based beverages for numerous industry manufacturers. She began her career as a Vice President of Celestial Seasonings in the 1970's and over the next 15 years developed herbal products for John Wagners & Sons, Yogi Tea Company, Nature's Herbs, Fmali Herb Company, Uncle Lee's Teas and Natural Nectar. In the fall of 1993, Caroline MacDougall was busy developing herbal teas for the new Republic of Tea line. One morning she awoke to hear herself say "the next product I want to develop is an herbal coffee for making caffeine-free cappuccinos and lattes and the name of the product will be Teeccino!"

From the cradle of the Mediterranean...

During her career as an herbal tea designer, Caroline had created a wide variety of teas, but one gap remained. Nowhere in the tea world is there as caffeine-free match for robust, roasted coffee. Teeccino was created to capture that unmistakable, rich Mediterranean flavor.

While creating Teeccino, Caroline realized that all the ingredients she was using in the formula were originally from the Mediterranean and part of the healthy Mediterranean diet for centuries. She envisioned the package labels with a different Mediterranean image for each flavor.

As a tea drinker becoming initiated into the diverse world of coffee brewing, Caroline became intrigued with all the Mediterranean coffee brewing methods including drip coffee makers, the French press pot and the Italian stove-top espresso maker. She expanded her original concept from making herbal cappuccinos in espresso machines to developing Teeccino to drip or brew just like coffee.

By the summer of 1994, Caroline began designing the Teeccino labels. Gina Amador, the designer of The Republic of Tea's labels, took Caroline's concepts and developed the luggage tag images from the Mediterranean using a different country and shape for each flavor. Jennifer Ewing, a San Francisco artist, produced original paintings for each Mediterranean scene.

With inspiration from a great-grandmother...

While enjoying a cup of Teeccino in a New York cafe, Caroline suddenly remembered that her great grandmother, Alice Foote MacDougall, who had a chain of coffee and waffle restaurants in New York during the early 1920's, had decorated each of her restaurants after a different Mediterranean scene. Reading Alice Foote MacDougall's Autobiography of A Businesswoman, Caroline was overcome by the similarities between their lives and the struggles they had both endured as business women and single mothers. Caroline decided to honor her grandmother's genius by placing her philosophical quotations on Teeccino marketing materials. You will find these quotes sprinkled throughout the Teeccino web site. When time allows, Caroline plans to republish Alice's unique book along with the story of her own entrepreneurial endeavors under the title "Autobiography of Two Business Women Across the Span of a Century."

"What a glorious challenge life is anyway! So defiant, so baffling in any attempt to explain - and yet so thrilling in its unexpected rewards, its glorious opportunities."

Alice Foote MacDougall, 1928

Teeccino Caffeine-free Herbal Coffee is born.

Teeccino Caffé, Inc, introduced Teeccino Caffeine-free Herbal Coffee to the natural and specialty food markets in 1995. The Company manufactures Teeccino using Caroline's proprietary formula and process. Distribution has been built to a network of natural food distributors throughout the country. Sales continue to expand annually in both grocery and food service where Teeccino is the "No-caf" alternative to regular and decaf. A number of prominent doctors have endorsed Teeccino and helped to publicize Teeccino by recommending it in their newsletters. A growing group of health care practitioners use Teeccino to help their patients eliminate caffeine from their diets.

Investment funds to finance the Company were raised from friends, family, and socially responsible investors. Teeccino's involvement with indigenous communities in Mexico was part of Teeccino's attraction as a socially responsible investment. Teeccino supports indigenous peoples in rainforest regions of Mexico through purchase of their vanilla which is organically grown in both primary and regenerating rainforest. Caroline has worked extensively in Central America to help indigenous communities develop markets for their exportable products such as honey and herb teas by finding other manufacturers to buy their sustainably grown rainforest products.

Teeccino's Philosophy: Teeccino Caffe produces innovative robust caffeine- free beverages from all natural ingredients which are nutritious, entirely natural and sugar-free. Teeccino's commitment is to provide healthy, non- addictive beverages which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. All of Teeccino's products are delicious and give "all the satisfaction with no caffeine reaction".

Our motto is: "Protect the gift of good health with Teeccino!"

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