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What People are saying about Teeccino.....

Doctors Recommend Teeccino

"I recently made a discovery - Teeccino - and it is the best coffee substitute I've tasted. It is delicious and makes great caffeine-free cappuccinos and lattes."

Andrew Weil, M.D. Author of Natural Health, Natural Medicine and Spontaneous Healing

"One of my favorite drinks is a dark brew made from herbs, grains, fruits and nuts known as Teeccino. It's a completely stisfying warm drink that gives me as much pleasure as coffee."

Christiane Northrup, M.D. Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"If you want a good tasting, natural, healthy caffeine-free drink, then I suggest Teeccino. We enjoy it at our home."

Bernie S. Siegal, M.D., Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles & Peace, Love & Healing.

"Teeccino is the best tasting coffee substitute I've tried, and good for you, too."

John McDougall, M.D. Author of The McDougall Plan and The McDougall Program-12 days to Dynamic Health

What Teeccino Drinkers are saying

"Just a short note to say thank you for your wonderful product. I thank you and my doctors thank you!! This is the only product on the market that has been able to finally break the coffee habit for me. I was down to one cup a day but I would not give that up for love nor money...and somehow Teeccino inadvertently found its way into my life and solved all my problems. It is wonderful "stuff" and I don't know what I'd do without it at this point."

H.R., Novato, CA

"Never before have I written to a company thanking them for a product. Never before have I so enjoyed a new natural food that attempts to replace an addictive not-so-natural food. I wanted to get off the "caffeine-carousel" for quite some time when I came across your advertisement in Delicious Magazine. I ran out and bought a can and am happily beginning my withdrawal from caffeine. Teeccino is everything you touted it to be - delicious, rich, thick, a little sweet, and oh-so satisfying! I sure hope your business is doing well because I have developed a new addiction - Teeccino."

J.W., San Luis Obispo CA

"I was the best customer of the first espresso bar in Seattle. Teeccino has revolutionized my life.! I could never give up my cappuccino daily ritual and now I don't have to. I have my whole family drinking Teeccino including my father who has to give up coffee because of his heart. "

K.L.G., Friday Harbor, Washington

"I have been completely "decaffed" for over 2 years but unwilling to give up the morning coffee flavor. Even decaf has too much caffeine which gives me a dopey headed feeling and keeps my young baby from sleeping through the night. What an excellent surprise I got from my mother-in-law when I tried your product. I was very skeptical as to the palatability of another pretend coffee product. Not to steal a worn line but not only did it taste good, but Teeccino is good for you!"

M.C., Jacksonville, OR

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for developing such a wonderful product! I've always loved coffee drinks, but I have a serious reactions to caffeine (even decaf sets it off). I haven't had a coffee drink in over 3 years (when I finally decided it wasn't worth it.) Now it's great to be able to have a latte again! Please keep making Teeccino - I'll keep buying it!"

G.F., San Mateo, CA

"Let me express my unbounded gratitude for your product. I've tried seemingly zillions of "fake coffees" only to be disappointed. Herb teas are swell, but they get boring. And I have never in my life been a coffee drinker. Teeccino is astonishing. I keep reading the label to see what forbidden ingredient must be in it to make it so satisfying. My fiancee and I look at one another and ask" How do they do it?" (He is a coffee drinker.) I hope you have a great marketing plan because everyone who should know about this. Thanks, thanks, thanks for inventing something truly wonderful."

M.S., Chamblee, Georgia

"Teeccino makes me feel like I'm part of the social scene. Now I have something to drink and so do my kids!"

S.S., Santa Barbara, California

"Thank you so much for Teeccino. I made my first cappuccino with condensed goat milk yesterday - it was fantastic hot and cold!! God Bless you. I am allergic to most everything. Your product is so delicious & pure & perfect. I can work all day with no fear of health problems all the while sipping Teeccino!"

C.G.M., Alameda, CA

"Thanks so much for making a wonderful product. Your delicious Teeccino blends have helped me conquer a lifelong coffee-drinking habit, which I've been trying to kick for over 10 year. Thank you so much!"

C.S., Marina Del Rey, CA

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