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  Soft-Tissue Manipulation
A Practitioners Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Soft Tissue Dysfunction and Reflex Activity
by Chaitow, Leon, N.D., D.O.

Clothbound - ISBN 0892812761
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Inner Traditions Intl. Ltd.
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 Leon Chaitow looks into the dysfunctions of the soft tissues of the body and provides practitioners and students with a working knowledge of the diagnostic adn therapeutic use of neuro-muscular, muscle energy and strain-counterstrain techniques, as well as covering a number of additional individual techniques and systems involving reflex points and trigger points.

Contents include:

Somatic Dysfunction -- The soft Tissue Component

Diagnostic Methods

Techniques and Index of Neurolymphatic Reflexes

Basic Spinal Neuro-muscular Techniques

Basic Abdominal Techniques

Muscle Energy Techniques

Strain-Counterstrain (Tender Point) Technique

Postural and Emotional Considerations

NMT in Clinical Use

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