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  Amino Acids In Therapy
A Guide to the Therapeutic Application of Protein Constituents
by Chaitow, Leon, N.D., D.O.

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 The use of amino acids in therapy continues to grow; methionine and glutathione in heavy metal toxicities; the use of lysine in herpes simplex infections; arginine to treat some cases of male infertility; and tryptophan and phenylalanine in weight control. Amino acids, the ’construction blocks’ of protein, are just some of the nutrients that can help to promote health. Of course, for proper utilization to take place the amino acids must be present in correct ratio to one another, and here’s where Chaitow ’s research comes in handy. You’ll learn which conditions suggest amino acid therapy, how utilization is influenced by the body’s cycles, which dosage is best, and why your individual needs are different from anybody else’s.
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