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  Acupuncture Treatment of Pain
Safe and Effective Methods for Using Acupuncture in Pain Relief
by Chaitow, Leon, N.D., D.O.

Quality Paperback - ISBN 0892813830
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 Pain is often a warning sign given by the body indicating that something is wrong. The best course of action is to find out what is wrong. "However, says Leon Chaitow, "it is obviously desirable to relieve pain in the shortest possible space of time, and acupuncture offers a number of tried and tested formulae which can be utilized to this end." In The Acupuncture Treatment of Pain, Chaitow presents a method of effective pain control for use by those in the healing professions. The author emphasizes that acupuncture should be used as an adjunct to the practitionerís normal course of therapy. Chaitow discusses how acupuncture works and outlines how and when to use acupuncture. He follows the discussion with a complete formulary for the treatment of pain in every part of the body. He also offers a treatment for addiction. Throughout the book, he describes the location of acupuncture points in anatomical detail. On the page opposite each description is an illustration of the pointís location. Chaitow cautions against thinking of acupuncture as a cure-all. "It has its limitations, "he says. Acupuncture may relieve pain but it must be combined with methods that remove the causes of the pain. Leon Chaitow is Director of postgraduate studies at the British Naturopathic and Osteopathic College and is a practicing naturopath, osteopath, and acupuncturist. 188 pp. paperback.
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