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  Immune For Life
Live Longer and Better by Strengthening Your "Doctor Within"
by Fox, Arnold & Barry

Quality Paperback - ISBN 1559580143
List Price: $12.95 Our Price: $11.66
Prima Publishing

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 Itís now clear that most diseases result from failure of the immune system. A strong immune system can fight off most illnesses. Now, in this exciting, highly readable book, youíll discover how to virtually ensure vibrant health for life by tying nutrition, exercise, and a positive state of mind into one energetic whole. Here youíll: Find out how youíve been encouraging illness and depression without realizing it; Learn about Super Foods that give you resistance to everything from colds to cancer; Test your immune system to determine your ideal nutritional regimen; Get in shape with moderate exercises that reverse aging; and Meld mind and body with a unique blend of positive affirmations and meditative relaxation. Immune For Life includes special interactive workbook sections for you to measure your immunity level and to select the best nutritional program for your needs. Also, Dr. Fox shares menus and recipes for foods that boost your "doctor within."
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