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  Healing Power Of Herbs
The Enlightened Person?s Guide to the Wonders of Medicinal Plants
by Murray, Michael T.

Quality Paperback - ISBN 1559587008
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Prima Publishing

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 Enlightened consumers of health products want more than just pills to block out symptoms, knowing that some of the most powerful preventatives for ailments are not located in prescriptions drugs but in our kitchens or local health food store. In this up-to-date and carefully researched book on botanical medicine, Dr. Michael T. Murray brings us the latest scientific findings about the power and efficacy of medicinal herbs. Here is the low-down on the practical magic of common food herbs and spices such as onion, garlic, ginger and turmeric; the difference between as well as preparations for tonics from Chinese, Korean and Siberian ginseng; the safe use valerian and St. John?s wort as herbal sedatives; and the best herbs to use for asthma, immune-system enhancement, bladder infections, diabetes, herpes, menopause and a host of other common ailments. The first section introduces readers to herbal medicine, it?s history, it?s preparation and it?s popularity today. The second section details thirty-seven specific herbs, and the third recommends various treatments for some specific health conditions. An excellent source book, practical and to the point.
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