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  Natural Woman, Natural Menopause
by Laux, Marcus, N.D., Conrad, Christine

Hardcover - ISBN 0060173416
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Harper Collins Pub

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 For years, women thought they had only two choices for menopause: avoid taking synthetic hormones altogether and suffer the occasionally debilitating effects of menopause, ranging from bone loss to sleeplessness, or accept a prescription for Premarin and Provera and with it an increased risk of some cancers. But, as this groundbreaking book proves, there is a better, safer, more effective way.

In Natural Woman, Natural Menopause, Marcus Laux, N.D., a leading expert on natural medicine, and Christine Conrad, a patient herself who experienced the unpleasant side effects of synthetic hormones, cut through the confusion and misinformation and show women that:

  • They can take natural, plant-derived hormones, which match their own hormones exactly, without any known side effects or cancer risks
  • Bio-identical plant-derived hormones are widely available in this country, are prescribed by doctors, and can be taken in pill form or as a cream
  • More and more pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing big-identical plant-derived hormones
  • They can look and feel better than ever before
Accessible as well as authoritative, Natural Woman, Natural Menopause features the stories of other women who, like Christine Conrad, found that they didnít have to accept less than a completely safe alternative. More important, in Natural Woman, Natural Menopause Marcus Laux and Christine Conrad offer readers their complete plan for long-lasting health and renewed vitality. Following their "Natural Woman Plan," which features the right combination of plant-derived hormones, nutritional supplements, a plant-rich diet, and an exercise program to eliminate and even reverse the effects of bone loss, women will find that not only will they be more energetic and radiant than they thought possible but they will be adding years of good health to their lives.

Whether you are currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy and canít imagine giving it up or you are in the process of considering your alternatives, Natural Woman, Natural Menopause is a book that no woman nearing or experiencing menopause should be without.

Marcus Laux, N.D., lectures throughout the United States and internationally to professionals and the public on natural medicine. He is a visiting professor and staff physician at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Christine Conrad, a former book editor, is a screenwriter whose credits include the film Junior, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and Emma Thompson. She is the founder of the Natural Woman Institute.

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