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  Embodying Spirit
Coming Alive with Meaning and Purpose
by Small, Jacquelyn

Quality Paperback - ISBN 0062552783
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Harper Collins Pub

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 It is human nature to crave the experience of eternal bliss, in which we become one with God, and it is also human nature to individuate and seek our own self expression. Jacquelyn Small’s work explores the notion of embodying spirit - in which we get beyond the duality of the ego and the soul - to experience the fullest, richest potential of life. Our higher, transpersonal self is the divine archetype which can create a sacred union between our selfish side and selflessness. Her book contemplates the tension created by the struggle between our two opposing natures, and how the higher self is born. Further, by illuminating the realms of spirituality, pleasure and desire - the sites of fears, yearnings and misunderstandings, and by uniting our "dark" and "light" sides, she also shows how to become whole and healthy spiritual beings.
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