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  Positive Energy
10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love
by Orloff, Judith

Hardcover - ISBN 0609610104
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 Praise for Positive Energy

"Dr. Orloff's book takes you on a wondrous journey through the mysteries of energy. A must read for anyone who's rushed, stressed, or stopped by fear."
  Deepak Chopra, MD
  Author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

"Modern psychiatry is seething with new visions of consciousness and how healing takes place, many of which would make poor Freud turn over in his grave. Dr. Judith Orloff is one of the leaders in this rapidly developing field. If you want to find greater peace, energy, and deeper healing, and if traditional therapies are a turnoff, read this book."
  Larry Dossey, MD
  Author of Healing Words and Reinventing Medicine

"Dr. Orloff presents a powerful new approach to increasing energy, relieving fatigue, and finding inner peace. Highly recommended!"
  Dean Ornish, MD.
  Author of Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease

"Dr. Judith Orloff is the real deal--a physician, an authentic human being, a spiritual teacher, and a master of intuition and energy medicine. In this incredibly valuable book she teaches you how to connect with the flow of energy within and around you, and how to optimize it for health, happiness, peace, joy and creativity. This book has the power to help you live from your best self, and realize the power that has always been within you."
  Joan Borysenko, Ph.D
  Author of Inner Peace for Busy Women, and Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

"For those seeking to rise to a new level of energetic living, this book can be an excellent guide, providing both direction and techniques."
  Bernie Siegel, MD
  Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles

"This compassionate and humorous book offers clear tools to safeguard one's life force while encouraging a courageous participation in life and all it brilliantly offers us. I'm so grateful for Judith's generosity in covering so much ground in such a succinct and wise way!"
  Alanis Morisette
  singer-songwriter, activist

"Positive Energy" is destined to become a classic in the field of energy medicine and health because author Dr. Judith Orloff is meeting the needs of a culture that is rapidly becoming more intuitively and energetically aware. In her book, she shows you how to tap into the positive energy flow in your body and in your life as well as how to protect yourself from "energy vampires" who can sap you dry.

As an energy psychiatrist who is also a medical intuitive, Dr. Judith Orloff draws upon years of clinical experience and a rich interior life to map out the many kinds of energy that impact our lives. "Positive Energy" presents ten chapters that Orloff calls "prescriptions," each one focused on a central life current, such as creativity, sexuality, relationships, and expanding personal intuitive practices. Throughout the book, she describes her practice of energy psychiatry, a field Orloff has pioneered which incorporates intuition, the body's subtle energies and mainstream medicine to provide fresh solutions for everything from depression to "technodespair," a term Orloff coined to describe burnout from emails, faxes, and phones. Woven into every chapter are case histories of patients Orloff has worked in addition to intimate examples from her personal life-- including lessons learned from her own energy crash. Plus there are grounded suggestions for self-care. It's very easy to offer advice in a book - try this, do that and with a little determination - poof, all is well. In contrast, Orloff's approach is compassionately demanding. First she defines each category of energy. Then she clearly describes how easily a person can become energetically depleted by the stresses of life and discusses the emotional and psychological consequences. Nearly every page has an exercise or concrete suggestion that draws the reader into self-examination and perhaps more importantly, into action.

Of particular interest are Dr. Orloff's descriptions of "intuitive empaths." These are people who, like herself, are often labeled as "overly sensitive" from childhood and tend to absorb the negative energy and pain of others into their bodies. This can cause tremendous exhaustion, chronic fatigue, and depression. As Orloff states, the problem is that traditional physicians have no knowledge of subtle energy--so they can't accurately diagnose this relevant medical issue. Some empaths become obese to protect themselves from negative vibes; others experience panic attacks in crowds because of the intense energetic overload. Empaths are often labeled as "hypochondriacs" and run from doctor to doctor with "mystery symptoms" without getting help. In addition Orloff says that empaths often have trouble with intimate relationships because they easily feel engulfed by a partner's needs or energy field-that's why so many stay single. POSITIVE ENERGY gives empaths practical solutions in the areas of health and relationships. It teaches them techniques to safeguard their personal space and energy fields so they don't absorb negative vibes like a sponge or feel constantly overwhelmed by a partner or the world.

Orloff also devotes a section of "Positive Energy" to energy vampires, those people who drain our energy. Here's the scenario: You're talking to one, then suddenly you start feeling sapped, anxious, or sick. We've all known our share of energy vampires. Orloff describes the sob sister, the drama queen, the blamer, the go-for-the carotid type. But it's not enough to know who they are. Orloff gives you strategies for dealing with each type such as setting boundaries, shielding yourself with light, and breathing negative energy out the back of your spine. Learning these skills are essential if you want to keep your energy high.

Following each chapter in the book are interviews that Orloff conducted with celebrities such as Naomi Judd and Larry King, who offer their own wisdom about the chapter's topic. Naomi Judd confronted Hepatitis C, for example, and describes her healing journey with tremendous warmth and inspiration. Quincy Jones tells how his intuition expanded after two brain surgeries. Jamie Lee Curtis shares how she protects herself from energy vampires. These interviews are great fun and give you an inside look into the care with which these well known people treat their energy.

For every one interested in energetic health and well-being, "Positive Energy" is a must read. You can read it cover to cover or go specifically to chapters that address your immediate energy needs. In the end, this book fulfills it's promise by teaching you to "transform fatigue, stress and fear into vibrance, strength, and love." It is a comprehensive energetic text book that speaks to our contemporary evolving energetic culture. much ground in such a succinct and wise way!"
  Caroline Myss
  Author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit

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