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  Better Basics For The Home
by Annie Berthold-Bond

Quality Paperback - ISBN 0609803255
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Random House
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 Natural living has reached the mainstream: we are now far more concerned about the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the chemicals that surround us, and recognize that government regulaations all too often fall short of safeguarding our health. Enter Annie Berthold-Bond, whose Better Basics for the Homeis a compendium of practical information-recipes, tips, and guidelines-for creating a simpler, cheaper, and evironmentally safer lifestyle. Packed with important information, including "Buyerís Guide" tips to safe commercial products and a complete resource directory, Better Basics for the Homeenables us to make home a healthy place to be.

"Annie Berthold-Bondís Better Basics for the Home is and extraordinary work. Offering a wealth of recipes for living more lightly on the planet-and more healthily, too-it will be of immense practical value to anyone and everyone with an interest in rising above the pitfalls of consumerism" Carl Frankel, author of In Earthís Company: Business, Environment and the Challenge of Sustainability

" In a world full of dangerous and toxic chemicals, you can count on Annie Berthold-Bond to clearly and safely guide you to products that will protect your health and safety of your family. This is a great book, and a wonderful investment in a healthier future for us all" Jeffrey Hollender, CEO, Seventh Generation

"Hats off to Annie Berthold-Bond for showing the way again and agin. This, her latest collection of safe, sound, sensible remedies for everyday household problems, is an encyclopedia of sanity and common sense." Peter Montague, PH.D.,editor, Rachelís Environment and Health Weekly

Annie Berthold-Bond is a leading authority on environmentally safe alternatives. She is the former editor in chief of the national consumer magazine Green Alternatives for Health and Environment and the author of Clean & Green and The Green Kitchen Handbook She lives in upstate New York with her husband and daugher.
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