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  The Art and Heart of Drum Circles
(with instructional drumming CD)
by Christine Stevens

Trade Paperback - ISBN 0634050664
List Price: $14.95 Our Price: $13.46
Hal Leonard
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 In this quintessential guide to both facilitating and creating drum circles, noted music therapist and drum circle facilitator Christine Stevens covers everything from key grooves and instrumentation to the personal side of empowering people and creating transformational experiences through recreational drumming. Filled with practical tools, guidelines, principles, helpful hints, exercises, and even a play-along CD, Steven's book weaves into one resource the many key elements of what My Generation/AARP magazine refers to as one of the country's "fastest-growing holistic health trends."

This book and CD is for you if you want to...

  • Start drum circles in your school, corporation, community, music store, band or even your home!
  • Share your musical talent with others in a way that reaches beyond performing.
  • Inspire people of all ages, races, and abilities to discover their commonality through musical expression.
  • Inspire people of all ages, races, and abilities to discover their commonality through musical expression.

    The CD features over 45 minutes of play-along grooves to jump-start your drum circle as well as a practice tool to develop your personal percussion repetoire.


    "There is a growing belief that every human being in inherently musical. This book provides the path to music making that the world has been waiting for."

    -- Joe Lemond, President/CEO
    NAMM, National Association of Music Merchants

    "This book is a must for anyone involved or interested in the drum circle movement--from veterans to wanna-be facilitators."

    --Karl Bruhn,Father of the Music Making and Wellness Movement

    "An exceptional compendium of insights certain to make any drum circle a success, this book is a MUST read!"

    --Barry Bittman, MD, CEO Mind-Body Wellness Center

    Interested in Buying Drums for Your Own Drum Circle or Personal Use?

    Remo HealthRhythms offers drums & percussion instruments for personal and group drumming....Djembes, buffalo drums, sound shapes, shakers, & personal percussion kits. Drumming is a great form of stress-reduction, relaxation, and exercise. As a self-help strategy or group activity, drumming can help all people, regardless of musical experience, experience creativity & enjoyment. Drumming - Your prescription for musical wellness.

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