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  8 Weeks to Optimum Health
A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Bodyís Natural Healing Power
by Weil, Andrew, M.D.

Hardcover - ISBN 0679447156
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Knopf, Alfred A., Inc.

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 FROM DR. ANDREW WEIL - one of the most brilliant and universally respected of the vanguard of doctors and medical researchers who are profoundly changing the ways in which we think about healing and health - his most immediately useful and important book. Here, in Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Dr. Weil translates the brilliant insights and discoveries he outlined in his acclaimed best-seller, "Spontaneous Healing," into a practical plan of action: a week-by-week, step-by-step program for enhancing and protecting present and lifelong health.

The Eight-Week Program sets up a foundation for healthy living that is preventative in the broadest sense. Not only does Dr. Weil provide information with which you can keep your bodyís inherent healing system in peak working order as you encounter the challenges of day-to-day life; he also shows you how to construct a lifestyle that will protect you from premature illness and disability, and teaches practices and skills that will enable you to prepare for any eventual health crisis you may face.

With clearly explained and authoritatively informed recommendations, Dr. Weil guides you in fine-tuning your current eating habits - to eat less fat and animal protein, more whole grains and other complex carbohydrates, and more fruits and vegetables - so that your diet becomes more nutritious and increasingly beneficial to general health (he also includes simple, flavorful recipes to help you make the dietary changes quickly and easily). He shows how walking and stretching will satisfy all your exercise requirements throughout your life, and provides a gradual plan by which you can make brisk forty-five-minute walks and some simple stretches part of your weekly regimen.

Dr. Weil recommends the addition of four antioxidant supplements - vitamins C and E, selenium, and mixed carotenes - to further protect your healing system. He provides instruction in five basic breathing exercises that can impart both greater relaxation and energy. He discusses the benefits and techniques of visualization. He explains ways to overcome sleeping problems; to test and filter your water supply; to eliminate toxins from your diet; and to avoid environmental hazards such as the sunís ultraviolet rays. He suggests ways to make art, music, and the natural world more important parts of your life.

For those who wish to experiment further, he outlines several projects and activities such as cleansing fasts. There are a dozen additional programs that concentrate on the specific needs of pregnant women, senior citizens, overweight people, and those at risk for cancer, among others. And throughout the book, there are case histories and firsthand accounts that attest to the remarkable success of the plan.

In Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Dr. Andrew Weil has given us a program that is revolutionary in its thinking, yet simple, logical, and engaging in its application. Following it from start to finish will enable you to set out on a lifelong course of optimum mind-body health.

Andrew Weil, M.D., a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, has worked for the National Institute of Mental Health and for fifteen years was a research associate in ethnopharmacology at the Harvard Botanical Museum. As a fellow of the Institute of Current World Affairs, he has traveled extensively throughout the world collecting information about medicinal plants and healing. He is the founder of the Center for Integrative Medicine in Tucson, Arizona, and director of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. This is Dr. Weilís seventh book.

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