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  Solace: Finding Your Way Through Grief and Learning to Live Again
by Robert Temes, Ph.D.

Trade Paperback - ISBN 0814414637
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 There is no more stressful and traumatic experience than the death of a loved one. It can take many months or even years to adjust to life without that special person. But with the right guidance, readers can learn to lessen the pain and get on with their lives.

Solace provides soothing comfort and hope for those who are suffering. Bereavement expert Roberta Temes believes all of us experience and process grief in our own way. Here she eases readers through the stages of grief, helps them understand their emotions, and enables them to recognize when they may need to seek help. Temes also helps them consider the pros and cons of bereavement groups and counselors, and shows them how to use visualization to ease the healing process. The book is filled with comforting affirmations, quotations, and words of encouragement, as well as anecdotes drawn from the authorís bereavement practice so readers may learn from others who have struggled with loss. Dealing with loss is never easy, but this book provides a calming companion to help readers through their mourning and enable them to begin enjoying life again.

Author Bio
Roberta Temes, Ph.D., author of Solace: Finding Your Way Through Grief and Learning to Live Again, is a noted psychotherapist who has taught classes in death, dying, and bereavement at schools such as Downstate Medical School and CUNY. She is the author of several books, including the award-winning Living with an Empty Chair: A Guide Through Grief and The Tapping Cure. She lives in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

"Solace normalizes the grieving process and helps readers to understand and accept, rather than fear, what they are experiencing after the death of a loved one. Dr. Temes provides sound psychological information in a soothing and helpful manner that eases the mourn ing period and promises the light at the end of the tunnel for the reader. I highly recommend Solace to anyone who has just suffered a loss."
--Dorothy W. Cantor, Psy.D., former President, American Psychological Association

"Solace offers hope for recovery. Dr. Temes writes with such warmth, kindness, and comfort. You will not only embrace [her] advice, you will also love hearing the voices of many men and women who have experienced a significant loss. Dr. Temes talks to you like a good friend, so you will not feel alone when Solace is beside you."
--Ingrid Schweiger (, psychologist

"Finally, a book I can wholeheartedly recommend to patients who have lost a loved one. Solace gives compassionate and practical advice to the bereaved as well as specific actions to help cope with loss."
--Laurence Jay Deutsch, MD

"[a] must-read for the bereaved. . . . Written with Dr. Temesís characteristic compassion, Solace takes the reader through the entire bereavement process in vivid detail. I will hand this book to my patients."
--Renee Garfinkel, clinical psychologist

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