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  Consumerís Guide to Homeopathy
The Definitive Resource for Understanding Homeopathic Medicine and Making it Work for You
by Ullman, Dana

Quality Paperback - ISBN 0874778131
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  X This book is very comprehensive. It introduces homeopathic medicine, its principles and methodology, its formal research, a body of clinical experience, its applications in self-care and professional care, its potential and limitations, its organizations, and assorted resources. In the words of the author: "This consumerís guide does not advocate for homeopathy or any system of healing as much as it advocates for you, the consumer who is looking for safe, effective health care." For this reason, Ullman pulls no punches regarding clinical research and the actual experience of practicing homeopaths in the treatment of common, acute and chronic ailments. He includes word on what results to expect (and how soon to expect them), and when self or professional care is deemed appropriate. Part One discusses the underlying assumptions of homeopathy, and how it might interface with conventional medicine. Part Two provides all the practical information which might help readers in choosing a treatment approach, Part Three describes the recommended homeopathic treatment of many common ailments, including conditions rarely discussed in most homeopathic literature, such as AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, addiction and cancer. And Part Four supplies a comprehensive list of homeopathic resources. 410 pp. paperback.
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