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  Estrogen Decision
Self Help Book
by Lark, Susan

Quality Paperback - ISBN 0890877769
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 Millions of women in America are making the estrogen decision every day. But recent conflicting data have made the choices more complicated and hurled HRT (hormone replacement therapy) into the eye of a controversial media and medical hurricane. Dr. Susan Lark has unraveled fact from fiction and presents the confused reader with clear information, weighing the obvious benefits against both the immediate and long-term side effects. Because each woman is physiologically unique, there is no right or wrong answer. But by presenting all the options, Dr. Lark can help you make an informed health care decision. Learn about menopausal symptoms, their causes, their severity and when intervention is indicated; dietary recommendations, and the benefits of acupressure, yoga, and exercise. Assess your condition with a symptoms workbook and create a personalized program, with menu plans, recipes, deep breathing and stress reduction techniques.
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