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The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book
by Walters, Richard

Quality Paperback - ISBN 0895295105
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Avery Publishing Group

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 Options is a valuable resource for those who want to explore the sometimes bewildering variety of alternative cancer treatments now available. It is both unbiased and comprehensive, exploring biologic or pharmacolgic therapies, immune therapies, herbal therapies, nutritional therapies, metabolic therapies, mind-body approaches and the traditional methods of homeopathy, ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Richard Walters is wary of inflated numbers and empty promises; he admits that reliable statistics do not yet exist for evaluating alternative methods. But at the same time, he presents evidence questioning the effectiveness of some conventional treatments, and showing cases where alternative methods have proven successful with their non-invasive, holistic approach. For each alternative treatment, Walters presents its rationale, how it works, evidence of its effectiveness and what one can expect during treatment. He also tells the story of the battle conducted by the medical establishment against alternative therapies, and points out that most were developed by either M.D.ís or Ph.D.ís. Information resources (names and addresses) are provided for further exploration. Walters calls cancer the "black plague" of our century. His book, with its openness and balance, will be useful for cancer patients who want to explore alternatives, and for those interested in the political and economic issues raised by alternative medicine. 396 pp. paperback.
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