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Nutritional And Herbal Care For Your Respiratory Sysem
by Gagnon, Daniel & Morningstar, Amadea

Quality Paperback - ISBN 0914955071
List Price: $14.95 Our Price: $13.46
Lotus Press

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 For the first time, a self-help book that tells it all! An expose onrespiratory diseases and their natural treatment. Learn how you can heal and/or manage common colds/flu, earaches/asthma, allergies/hay fever, pleurisy/pneumonia, coughs/sore throats, bronchitis/emphysema, AIDS and ARC related respiration infection. Covers information you wish your doctor wouldshare with you such as what is happening to your body, emotional information your body may be giving you, specific foods, herbal remedies and supplements for your condition, how these recommendations support and revitalize you, and visualizations to activate and speed up the healing process.
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