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  Reclaiming Our Health
Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Source of True Healing
by Robbins, John

Hardcover - ISBN 0915811804
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Kramer, H.J.
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"Never have I read a book with such serious implications that I found so fascinating I couldn?t put it down. Reclaiming Our Health is indeed genius speaking with a hand of love. It can and will change the lives and actions of all those who are truly interested in healing the human body, mind, and spirit."

--Eleanor Wasson, Recipient, Physicians for Social Responsibility National Award

In his rousing and inspiring style, John Robbins, author of the acclaimed best-seller Diet for a New America, turns his attention to the national debate on health care. Calling for nothing short of a revolution in the basic beliefs on which health care is based, he convincingly demonstrates the enormous human and financial costs of the polarization of conventional and alternative medicine.

Although Americans spend far more money on medical care than any other people in the world,

  • many of us cannot afford the most basic coverage;
  • we rank 25th among the world?s nations in infant mortality;
  • the toll in human suffering from degenerative disease continues to rise;
  • the danger from virulent communicable diseases is increasing daily;
  • and, meanwhile, women are growing increasingly frustrated with the care they receive from a male-dominated system.

There are answers to these problems, and Reclaiming Our Health presents a brilliant, refreshing, and uplifting new vision of what health care in America might be as well as practical solutions for us as individuals and for a health-care system gone awry.

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