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  Improving Your Bedside Manner
A Handbook for Physicians to Develop Therapeutic Conversations with their Patients
by Jacquelyn Small in collaboration with Jim Mulry, MD

Trade Paperback - ISBN 0939344222
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Eupsychian Press

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 Bedside manner is not an immediate benefit of having earned an MD degree. It involves skills, sensitivities, and interpersonal style that can and should be cultivated, however. I recommend this practical, how-to handbook as a must read manual for medical school and residency training in communication skills and professionalism.

Immensely thoughtful, practical, and succinctly organized, each chapter offers provocative, reflective examples of how physicians can communicate better with patients as well as improve their own self awareness. The book is helpfully divided into 10 chapters, each of which provides a definition of a specific professional communication skill, background about a professional characteristic, and provides model and toxic examples of how sensitive, critical clinical conversations take place.

The chapter themes cover the waterfront of what every aspiring and practicing physician needs to know to optimize their bedside manner. These qualities are respect, genuineness, empathy, warmth, self-disclosure, concreteness, immediacy, confrontation, potency, and self-actualization. This short, highly readable handbook shows how to implement these professional values and skills in a highly practical way. It does this in a heartfelt, holistic, psychologically and clinically sophisticated manner that is motivational and easy to learn.

"Any healthcare professional who aspires to become a healer instead of a mere technician should read this book."

Larry Dossey, MD, Author
The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

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