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  5 Minutes to Health
A Quick & Easy Approach to Weight Loss, and the Prevention or Reduction of the
by Joyce, Marilyn

Quality Paperback - ISBN 0964834316
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Five Minutes to Health
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 "When it comes to illness, there are no magic bullets... but a simple, high quality diet and lifestyle regime will, at least, give a person a fighting chance." As a cancer survivor, Marilyn Joyce discovered first-hand that there is no quick fix system for overcoming this ominous intruder into the lives of those diagnosed with cancer. But she learned that the way we eat, think and live has everything to do with our ability to ward off, prevent, or overcome illness. The less complicated, the more simplified our lives and diets are, the greater our ability to resist disease. 5 Minutes to Health explores the many steps we take each day in acquiring, cooking, storing, and choosing the food we eat, and shows the healthiest routes to take in every step of the process. She also shows ways to organize and stock your kitchen and offers dozens of delicious recipes designed for healing. With only a few minutes a day, and a well set-up kitchen, with only the basic equipment and utensils, anyone can achieve enviable health and vitality.
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