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  The Spiritual Wisdom of Kids
by Masters, Deborah and Rabbin, Robert

Hardcover - ISBN 0974046507
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Global Truth Publishing

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 In this book, you will encounter the spiritual wisdom of 123 kids. Their words deserve consideration and contemplation; they are legitimate spiritual teachings that echo the great teachers of all traditions throughout history. In these pages, the classic themes of spiritual life are freshly painted and newly presented-themes of love and death, sanctity and reverence, peace and nonviolence, connection and oneness.

These kids speak from a place of natural and sacred connection to others, to animals, to Mother Earth-to life. They speak with an authority and a directness that are compelling. They speak of GOD, LOVE, PEACE, and HEALING.

Who are these kids? They are from 2 to 13 years of age, from diverse ethnic origins and backgrounds and economic strata. They will inherit the Earth, and in these pages they ask us to leave them a world of peace, purity, and prosperity. They also tell us how. We have much to learn from them. We are honored to share their voices and visions with you.


God is love and spirit. Spirit is light, and everyone has light in them.
Amanda Slaughter, 10

God is everything that is beautiful. If you see a pretty flower, it's God. If you see a homeless man that has a twinkle in his eye, that's God. Anything or anyone that is special to you is in some way God.
Julia Egger, 13

Love means God makes you hug each other.
Gabriel Newbrun-Mintz, 2

Love is when you look in someone's eyes and they really smile.
Robert Lehmann, 9

When you have peace it is easy to love, because everyone is thinking about everyone else and love is what brings you together.
Lauren Moscarello, 8

Peace is the medicine. What if war weren't an option?
Albert Brown, 8

I get really sad when animals die. I wish the dolphins could stay forever. Animals love each other and they give kisses. We should give blessings to animals to be healthy and happy.
Isabel Rauchle, 3

Respect everything. Respect the Earth. Be helpful for one another. Be courteous, kind, truthful. Don't be harming animals. Don't kill anybody else. Treat people good and they'll treat you good.
Thomas Medicinehorse, 12

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