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  Homeopathic Pediatrics
Please note: as of 8-16-2001 this title is out-of-print.
by Neustaedter, Randall

Out of Print - ISBN 1556431201
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  In this medical text intended for the homeopathic practitioner, Dr. Neustaedter provides an organized approach to the over-all homeopathic treatment of children, or constitutional pediatrics.
Previous pediatric homeopathic texts have focused primarily on acute illness with only cursory mention of constitutional issues in the child. Homeopathic Pediatrics, by contrast, presents the methodology for handling chronic cases in a continuous and consistent fashion, integrating for the first time cognitive functions and their assessment into the homeopathic medical perspective of children.

"Randall Neustaedter’s new book should be required reading for all beginning homeopaths trying to bring clarity into the anxiety filled, constantly changing, paradoxical and wonderful world of prescribing for children. It is a blow-by-blow detailed and very practical manual—obviously the words of an experienced practitioner. The cases presented are rich in detail and insight. The cures are objectively documented by modern psychological profiles, an important contribution to homeopathic methodology.
"Personally, I value most the extensive documentation of topics of greatest concern to parents—the normal developmental stages, behavioral studies, and vaccinations."
Bill Gray, M.D., Concord, California

"Homeopathic Pediatrics is admirable in conception and splendid in execution. Neustaedter translates specific concerns into detailed protocols, handouts, and flowcharts."
Richard Moskowitz, M.D.,
Past President, National Center for Homeopathy

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