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  Deep Healing
The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine
by Miller, Emmett E., M.D.

Quality Paperback - ISBN 1561703362
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Hay House, Inc.
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Coming at the height of America?s continuing health-care crisis. Deep Healing brings new hope and a sigh of relief to every reader. It awakens even the most skeptical among us to the miraculous, inborn, self-healing capacities of our own mind-body.

Dr. Miller?s message empowers and inspires us. He reveals secrets of self-healing that have now been well established by medical science the world over, yet which are rarely made public. Even more gratifying, he presents information and skills that can put the magic of healing back into the hands of patients, caring physicians, and other health professionals. He does this by describing eye-opening research, facinating healing stories, advanced new skills in affirmative mental imagery, the transformation of disease-oriented perceptions, the writing of positive life scripts, and much more.

Dr. Miller makes the case that we must take a whole new look at the doctor-patient relationship if we wish to restore quality health care to our society. But this is not a message of nostalgia. To support his vision for the new millennium, Dr. Miller presents amazing new skills for consciously stimulating the patient?s inherent healing capacities. These are presented in the Deep Healing Experiential Workouts, an easy, logical, self-directed program that you can begin putting into practice today.

Based on Dr. Miller?s own clinical practice, spanning more than 25 years, and extensive, cutting-edge research, this book paints a picture of self-help medicine at its best. It is for everyone--lay person and health professional alike--who believes in the power of healing!

"Through the principles made clear in this illuminating breakthrough book, Dr. Miller has guided me on an astounding journey of profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing."

--Joan Baez

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