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  Way of Chi Kung
by Cohen, Ken

Cassette - ISBN 1564552578
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 For over 2,000 years, chi kung has been a cornerstone of traditional Chinese healing. This non-invasive, preventative healing system is viewed by millions of Chinese as a way of mastering the energy that permeates all of nature and humanity-the chi - that is literally the breath of life. Ken Cohen's The Way of Chi Kung is a complete 5-cassette (approximately 6 hours) study course that teaches how to bring this natural system for mind-body healing into your life. Ken Cohen, A Taoist master, covers every phase of chi kung theory and practice, including 25 rare meditation exercises with specific instructions for breathing, postures, and visualizations. The Way of Chi Kung is not only an alternative approach for gaining better health, but it is also a time honored pathway to a greater aliveness; and ultimately, to oneness with the Universe itself.
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