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  The Fibromyalgia Dental Handbook: A Practical Guide to Maintaining Peak Dental Health
by Flora Parsa Stay, DDS

Trade Paperback - ISBN 1569244014
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Marlowe And Company

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 Oral complications are among the primary issues faced by the millions of people with fibromyalgia, but there is virtually no reliable fibromyalgia-related dental advice currently available. Now, in The Fibromyalgia Dental Handbook, dentist Flora Stay, who frequently treats, and offers professional advice to, those with fibromyalgia, helps readers understand the important relationship between fibromyalgia and the mouth. In direct, simple language, she comprehensively covers all of the many serious dental manifestations commonly associated with fibromyalgia-including tartar, burning mouth syndrome, jaw problems, dry mouth, and unwarranted oral sores. This crucial book fills a much-needed niche as a handy resource for everyone coping with fibromyalgia, as well as dental professionals seeking to help their patients with the condition.

"A unique book that provides this information in a form that is accessible to all readers."
Robert Bennett, MD, Oregon Health & Science University

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