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  Soul Currency
Investing Your Inner Wealth for Fulfillment and Abundance
by Ernest D. Chu

Trade Paperback - ISBN 1577318514
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 In tough times, we look outside ourselves for things to change instead of looking inward, where true abundance resides. It’s tempting to downplay important values like generosity, integrity, and intuition. These niceties can take a backseat because we think the world needs to change before we can find wealth. But they are what make it possible to find prosperity, no matter what happens in the world around us. These inner traits help us reach our outer goals.

Ernest Chu’s transformational concept of “soul currency” refers to both something we use to exchange value (as with money) and the circulation of a divine force in our lives. Chu’s own example, as an entrepreneur who pulled himself out of crushing debt, shows his practical, ready-to-implement principles in action. Soul currency bridges the material world of finance and the invisible world of Spirit, allowing abundance to come to us and flow through us.

When we tap into the creative force of soul currency, we can experience unprecedented abundance and fulfillment.

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