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  Smart Medicine For a Healthier Child
A Practical A-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Infants and Children (2nd Edition)
by Zand, Janet, Et Al.

Quality Paperback - ISBN 1583331395
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Avery Publishing Group
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 Written by a medical doctor, a naturopath, and a registered nurse, "Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child" is a complete A-to-Z guide to the most common childhood disorders and their treatments, using both alternative care and conventional medicine. This unique book has been carefully designed to give you quick and easy access to up-to-date information and advice regarding your child’s health and safety.

"Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child" is divided into three parts. Part One explains the full spectrum of approaches used to effectively treat childhood health problems. It provides an overview of the history, fundamentals, and uses of conventional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupressure, diet, and nutritional supplements. It also includes useful sections on pregnancy and newborn care and on home safety. Part Two contains a comprehensive A-to-Z listing of the various health problems affecting children—from acne to chickenpox to thumb-sucking. Each entry in this section clearly explains the problem and offers specific advice using a variety of approaches. Where appropriate, highlighted emergency treatments are included for quick and easy reference. Part Three provides step-by-step guidance on using the many therapies and procedures suggested in Part Two—from locating acupressure points to preparing herbal remedies.

"Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child" is a unique guide that offers you and your family a real choice in health care. It is a bridge to both time-honored healing systems and mainstream medicine. Here is a reliable source of information that you can turn to time and time again, whenever your child turns to you for help.

About the Authors

Janet Zand, LAc, OMD, has been a practitioner of natural medicine for the past sixteen years. She uses homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutritional medicine, exercise, and lifestyle modification to create an integrated approach to optimum health. Dr. Zand is also a frequent lecturer and a widely quoted authority on natural medicine. In addition, she has formulated many popular herbal and nutritional medicines. She resides in Malibu, California.

Rachel Walton, RN, MSN, is a pediatric nurse with a master’s degree in child health nursing from the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. She has worked with children and families facing chronic and terminal illness, in general pediatrics, and in postpartum home care. She teaches classes to new mothers on using natural medicine to take care of their babies and young children. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Bob Rountree, MD, received his medical degree from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and completed a three-year residency in family and community medicine at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, after which he was certified by the American Board of Family Practice. He has since done extensive postgraduate study in nutritional and herbal pharmacology, and has received certification as a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming. Dr. Rountree has been practicing medicine in Boulder, Colorado, since 1983, providing a unique combination of traditional family medicine, nutrition, herbology, and mind-body therapy.

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