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  Wellness Workbook
How to Achieve Enduring Health & Vitality
by John W. Travis, M.D. and Regina Sara Ryan

Trade Paperback - ISBN 1587612135
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 Perfect Companion for the Wellness Inventory!

In this newly revised edition of the classic Wellness Workbook (3rd Edition, 2004), authors John W. Travis, M.D., and Regina Sara Ryan present wellness as a practical, holistic approach to optimal health through the integration of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. A seminal work in the field of wellness, it is an outgrowth of the first wellness center in the United States, established by Dr. Travis in Mill Valley, CA in 1975.

This is a whole systems approach to wellness developed by one of the fathers of the modern wellness movement. In this revolutionary approach health is viewed from its most fundamental perspective--how we manage the many forms of energy which move in and out of our body.

The reasoning is simple, once stated: if wellness--good enduring health--is anything, it is harmoniously using the flow of energy which each of us takes in, controls and gives back to the world as we live out each day. It is a never-ending, every-breath-you take process that involves the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual fiber of our lives.

The Wellness Workbook is divided into 12 chapters, each corresponding to an element of the Wellness Energy System developed by Dr. Travis: self-responsibility and love, breathing, sensing, eating, moving, feeling, thinking, playing and working, communicating, sex, finding meaning, and transcending. Individual chapters contain a dozen or more modules, each specifying one aspect of the system covered, along with exercises, lists of helpful information, intriguing quotes, and references to Internet and print resources. All in all, the book is a hands-on guide to energy management: how we build it, how we lose it, how to re-balance it when problems or diseases result, and how to maximize it for overall wellbeing.

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"The Wellness Workbook integrates physical health with feeling well, which is no small task. Our emotions, attitudes, and beliefs play critical roles in wellbeing. In recognizing this fact, the Wellness Workbook offers down-to-earth practical approaches to help us enjoy our lives and our good health. If living well is your goal¯and it should be¯this book is a must-have."

- Dean Edell, M.D., author of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

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