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  The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs
by Blumenthal, Mark; Senior Editor

Hardcover - ISBN 1588901572
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American Botanical Council

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 How does the healthcare professional effectively respond to patient inquiries on the use of herbal supplements? What clinical research has been conducted? How is safety evaluated? This science-based educational course answers these and other questions for healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, health management companies, policy makers, the dietary supplement industry and consumers.

Utilize a Reference Approved by Health Professionals
The entire work has been peer reviewed by experts, including healthcare professionals in allied health fields as well as those selected by the accrediting agencies.

Benefit from Complete Herb Profiles

Each herb profile includes:

  • a comprehensive clinical monograph which is fully referenced and contains a table of clinical studies
  • a Clinical Overview for quick reference
  • a Patient Information sheet for duplication

    Understand the Research and Safety of Herb Combinations
    Many products on the market are based on combinations of herbs. This chapter presents monographs on numerous herbal combination products that have undergone human clinical studies.

    Identify Products Backed by Clinical Research
    One of the most useful and innovative features of the comprehensive clinical monograph is a table which reviews many of the clinical studies conducted on the herb, study design, and brands used in the studies. Practitioners have been requesting this information. Separate tables in the book summarize all of the brands mentioned in the book and include brand name in the United States, foreign product brand names, company names and company contact information.


    "Herbal medicine is undergoing a renaissance of interest in science and society. THE ABC CLINICAL GUIDE TO HERBS is an urgently needed benchmark of the scholarship that exists in this field. This is that rare book that is a must for laypersons, clinicians, and researchers alike. This volume deserves to stand alongside GRAY'S ANATOMY as one of the defining texts of medicine."

    Larry Dossey, MD

    "Moving beyond the historical and theoretical, the ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs provides health care professionals with what they want: factual, current scientifically based information on the top selling herbs in the United States. Pharmacological activity, herb-drug interactions, adverse effects, preparations, dosage and detailed tables of clinical trials are accurately and responsibly presented in this monumental contribution to the field of herbal medicine. This book stands alone in its class."

    Tieraona Low Dog, MD
    United States Pharmacopoeia
    Dietary Supplements/Botanicals Expert Panel

    "At last, a well referenced informative and clinically useful guide for practitioners who prescribe botanical medicines. Thorough in nature, this compendium is a rich source of scientific information on herbs."

    Roberta Anne Lee, MD
    Medical Director and Co-Director of the Integrative Medicine Fellowship
    Center for Health and Healing
    Beth Israel Medical Center, New York

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