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HazelNut Herbal Coffee
5 lb. Bag

$55.99 - Item Number HNHC-5
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The first time I tasted hazelnuts was in France when my tastebuds were tantalized by a jar of scrumptious spread. My schoolgirl French was put to the test by "noisette" on the label. Too good to be peanut butter, not almond, what was it? It was Hazelnut butter! My love affair with Hazelnuts began then, but it really came to frutition when I designed Teeccino's Hazelnut. I long since gave up rich foods, but here was the same richness with a nuttiness that keeps you desiring it way past the last drop. Hazelnut is what the word "Savoury" is meant to describe. Now you can enjoy something sinfully rich without worrying.

Ingredients: Roasted carob, barley, chicory root, figs, almonds, dates, & natural hazelnut flavor.


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