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SteviaClear Liquid Stevia (4 oz)

4 oz. bottle (120 ml) (1440 servings/bottle)

$25.74 - Item Number CLEAR4
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1 tsp. SteviaClear™ Liquid Stevia = 1 cup of sugar!

Instead of adding sugar or artificial sweetener to your beverages or food, use STEVIACLEARTM Liquid Stevia all-natural dietary supplement. STEVIACLEARTM Liquid Stevia contains an intensely sweet extract from Stevia leaves that is 250 to 300 times sweeter than sugar - yet has no calories, carbohydrates nor bitter aftertaste. STEVIACLEARTM Liquid Stevia is safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, add 2 drops to beverage of food. Adjust to preference. Refrigerate after opening to extend freshness.

Ingredients: Purified Water, pure Stevia leaf extract standardized to a minimum of 90% Steviosides including 40% Rebaudioside A, Grapefruit Seed Extract

Buy 2 Bottles of SteviaClear (4 oz.) & Get 1 Free Travel Size! (.2 oz)


Stevia Facts
The glycosides in the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, (including up to 10% Stevioside), account for its incredible sweetness.
Buy 2 Bottles of SteviaClear (4 oz.) & Get 1 Free Travel Size! (.2 oz)


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