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Stevia Concentrate Dark Liquid

2 Oz. Bottle (60 ml)

$16.49 - Item Number STV-X-60
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1 tablespoon = 1 cup of brown sugar!

This nutritious Stevia product is a dark thick liquid with a strong, sweet herb flavor. Scientific research indicates that Stevia does not adversely affect blood glucose levels and may be helpful in maintaining proper pancreatic function. It may help reduce hunger and cravings for sweets.

This quality product is made by concentrating nutritious, whole Stevia leaves in pure water by a special cooking process. Contains no alcohol or chemical.

Serving Suggestion: Use direct from dropper or add 3-6 drops to beverages and food according to need and taste. Adjust as needed.

Ingredients: Premium Quality Stevia Leaves (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni) in Pure Water (4:1 concentrate)


Stevia Facts
Research indicates that Stevia effectively regulates blood sugar and brings it toward a normal balance.
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