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  Caffeine Blues:
Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America's #1 Drug
by Cherniske, Stephen

Trade Paperback - ISBN 0446673919
List Price: $14.95 Our Price: $13.46
Warner Books

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 If you are one of the nearly 80 percent of Americans hooked on caffeine--a natural component of coffee, tea, and chocolate and a common ingredient in drugs, soda, candy, and other products--this book will be a wake-up call. Cherniske gathers a substantial amount of material from scientific journals and puts it all together logically and readably. Caffeine doesn't give you energy: it borrows from the adrenals and the liver on a short-term basis and creates metabolic and neurologic stress. After spending 300 pages documenting all of caffeine's evils, Cherniske finally offers a decaffeinated life line, a step-by-step, clinically proven program to help readers kick the habit and boost energy levels naturally.
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