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  The Inflammation Revolution
A Natural Solution for Arthritis, Asthma & Other Inflammatory Disorder
by Halpern, Georges M.

Paperback - ISBN 0757002838
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SquareOne Publishers

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 Over two decades ago, researchers observed that the coastal-dwelling Maori-the native people of New Zealand-had a far lower incidence of arthritis-related disease than those Maori who lived inland. In fact, those living inland had the same incidence of arthritis as the New Zealanders of European origin. After years of studying this medical phenomenon, researchers discovered that the incredibly low incidence of arthritis was due to diet-in particular, to the Maori's consumption of raw green-lipped mussels. There was something in this New Zealand delicacy that reduced arthritis by decreasing inflammation. Here is the story of this exciting discovery.

Since the early 1990s, clinical studies have shown that specific lipids found in green-lipped mussel oil are highly effective anti-inflammatories in the treatment of arthritis. Studies have also shown that this marine lipid oil offers protective benefits to blood vessels and bone joints. The lipid oil may even provide benefits to other organs, such as the skin, the bronchi, and the gastrointestinal tract. As a result of this research, over the last few years, the use of green-lipped mussel lipids has increased throughout Australia and Asia. Now, this natural product has made its way to North America-apparently, just in time.

With the newly found risks of many anti-inflammatory drugs continuing to make headlines, it has become vital for millions of arthritis sufferers, asthmatics, and others with inflammation-related disorders to find safer options. In The Inflammation Revolution, readers can learn how marine lipids work; what scientific studies have shown about their use; and, most important, how this "miracle from the sea" can be used to safely and effectively relieve the pain of arthritis and restore better breathing to asthmatics.

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