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  The Presence Process
A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness
by Brown, Michael

Trade Paperback - ISBN 0825305373
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 The Presence Process is not about changing who or what we are. This is impossible. Instead, it is about releasing our attachment to our manufactured identity so that we may gently return to an awareness of our authentic Presence. It is about moving from pretence to Presence. It is about consciously connecting with that aspect of our Being that always remains constant. It is about honoring that aspect of our Being that is always present. It is not about becoming something or somebody else. It is about remembering and experiencing who and what we really are and have always been.

The Presence Process is not about changing the nature of what the stars have marked on our forehead, hands, and feet. It is about waking into the fullest potential of each moment that is already destined. It is about responding to our life as it is unfolding right now and not reacting to it as if something else was supposed to be happening. The Presence Process intends to reveal to us that our mistaken desire to change what is happening to us in any given moment is usually born out of an inability to show up and fully enjoy the wonder of our life experience as it is right now.

The Presence Process awakens within us the awareness that it is in the nature of our interaction with what is happening to us right now that we sow the seeds for what is to come beyond the borders of this life experience. It assists us to see that the quality of the seeds that we sow in any given moment is very different depending on whether we choose to react or to respond to our experiences. Reacting to our experience means that we are making our decisions based on what we think happened to us yesterday and what we think may happen to us tomorrow. We are only responding to our experience when we make choices based on what is happening to us right here, right now. It is only possible to respond to our experiences when we unlearn the behaviors and belief systems that lead us into reaction. This "unlearning" is what The Presence Process assists us to accomplish.

There are no failures in The Presence Process, as it is an individual journey driven by commitment, curiosity, and intention. It cannot be experienced for someone else or because of someone else. Activating present moment awareness is an individual responsibility. It is therefore an experience that is by nature immune to comparison or judgment.

The Presence Process is not an end to anything; it is the continuation of a lifelong journey that we have already been making into the heart of our own present moment awareness.

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