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  Conscious Health
Choosing Natural Solutions for Optimum Health and Lifelong Vitality
by Garner, Ron

Paperback - ISBN 0825305403
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 Timely, transformational, and content laden, Conscious Health brings us, under one cover, the Five Keys we must use to ensure optimum health and life-long vitality. It presents in a clear, well-organized, and easy-to-read manner what we need to make confident decisions about our own health care. Conscious Health teaches natural health principles, with an emphasis on causes and prevention of disease. It conveys how the body operates, why it succumbs to disease, and how health problems can be reversed. Through this book we come to the awareness that neither doctors nor medications can heal: Only our own body can heal us. We are then shown just what we must do to give the body what it needs to keep us healthy. We learn how to serve our body so it can serve us well in return.
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